Prime8 is a small app development team based in New York City.   We are passionate about developing technological solutions to improving life, with a current focus on travel.   Our aim is to enable humans to spend more time on what's important, and less time on the mundane.


2/14/2017 - Trippn, smart trip planner, released! Trippn takes the drudgery out of trip planning.

Trippn Smart Trip Planner


Planning a vacation or even just a night out can be a lot of work. Often we find ourselves researching a destination to find attractions, looking them up on sites such as Yelp for reviews, ratings and open hours; and finally pinpointing each one on a map to schedule a way to visit them all during open hours. Trippn, a new app by Prime8 aims to make this process a whole lot easier. It takes into account your interests along with local reviews and generates a personalized list of smart recommendations. Build your unique trip from these highest rated places, and Trippn takes care of the details and logistics of planning. The algorithm optimizes your route by verifying open times and proximity. This hits the most spots in the shortest time.

Waze Voices Not your ordinary GPS voices

Waze Voices
Waze Voices is a set of voices for the Waze navigation system with a little bit more personality than your usual default voices.